Hollywood Hills
Hollywood Hills



The legendary Hollywood Hills are home to wealth, fame, and power. Passing through the neighborhood, someone could easily get a little greedy.

A circle of teenage burglars that the media has dubbed “The Bling Ring” has taken to pillaging the homes of Hollywood celebutants like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, putting the rich and famous on high alert. Enter LAPD veteran “Hollywood Nate” Weiss, who would gladly trade the Hollywood Station beat for the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and has recently become friendly with B-list director Rudy Ressler. Nate agrees to take care of the opulent estate Ressler shares with his flirtatious fiancée, Leona Brueger, the still-foxy widow of a processed-meat tycoon, while they’re away.

Nate doesn’t know that Nigel Wickland, Leona’s art dealer with a natty wardrobe and posh accent, is devising a nefarious plan: steal two paintings hanging on the mansion’s walls and make off with more money than he’s ever seen. Add in the Bling Ring and a pair of drug-addled young copycats who stumble upon Nigel’s heist, and soon Hollywood Nate, surfer cops Flotsam and Jetsam, and the rest of the team at Hollywood Station have a deadly situation on their hands.

Hollywood Hills is a raucous and dangerous roller-coaster ride that showcases Joseph Wambaugh, “master of the modern police novel” (Michael Connelly), in vintage form.